Published on 4 October 2020 at 19:00

We actually carry out so many positive things on a daily basis -

1. We just don't realise we are doing them

2. We don't give ourselves any credit after we have accomplished them

So we just assume we have had an unproductive day and then the 'Unhappy Emotions' start kicking in.

Let me take today as an example!. First of all I got myself out of bed - You should always be proud of yourself if you accomplish this task we know everyday is full of pain and suffering, but yet we push ourselves to keep going, so this in itself it a huge positive just getting up in a morning!.

Today was a very rare occasion for me and I put on some makeup which was a huge positive for myself because I felt really good in myself and felt like I could take on the world today!. We need this small boost of self confidence sometimes, even if its just a bit of Tinted Moisturiser, or a touch of mascara you don't have to go full glam! Who said you can't have Chronic Pain and look like Americas next top model?!!! again it is just a small positive change in the day, but made such a difference in the way I felt.

Now! you all know my pyjamas are my life. Well, this picture below is my evidence that today I finally got dressed up to go out!. Trying to find an outfit just to go out for lunch is so exhausting, but I felt really positive and good when I finally settled on this combo.

But, when we are all feeling Fatigued and in pain and all we want to do in be in our pyjamas - If we actually switched that and think well if I put on a pair of jeans and a nice big jumper or a nice top, this will give you the satisfaction that you have gotten dressed and also it does feel good to be dressed and ready for the day, even if you are like me and sitting indoors, POSITIVITY!

When we get diagnosed with any illness whether that be Physical or Mental, big or small it can be hard to be positive about anything. This is where you have to learn again to know what is a positive and remember to praise yourself for your accomplishments.

Remember your illness does not rule your daily life.

If it is just getting up in a morning, making a cup of tea/coffee, having a shower and getting back in to bed - There you have so many positive accomplishments and should be so proud of yourself. This is just an example of how easy it is to 'Turn it positive', you know these few tasks are going to take you a little longer due to your illness, you know it's going to cause you pain and you also know you are exhausted but you still battle on and complete the tasks! that is why you should be proud of yourself, that is why this is positive and that is why you should be feeling absolutely bloody amazing about yourself!.

I wanted to help people when I was diagnosed with my ilnesses (IIH AND CROHNS DISEASE) I could still live a life of happiness and wellbeing, do not get me wrong I still have a down-day we wouldn't be human if we didn't doesn't mean to say I can't be happy and content the rest of the time. This is why GoodLifeZen was created, because I wanted to share my stories with you guys and help in any way I could.

We have such a caring, loving and supportive community out there! we can all get through this together, and I know we can also share POSITIVITY together as well.

I hope you are all staying safe, and have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing

Much Love Jade


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